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This page contains a list of public OGEMA 2.0 applications and drivers. This mostly means applications developed by the OGEMA core team. But if you have an interesting Open Source OGEMA application that you would like to share with everyone, we will gladly put it here. Note to authors: Please try to keep the list in alphabetical order.


Most of these applications are actually tools for the administration of OGEMA. The room-climate-station is an example of an actual application that might be provided as a user interface for the end user (although it currently lacks some nice graphics). The sensor-alarm executor also comes close to a real-world application, but it does not provide a user interface, for the time being.

  • Basic Switch GUI: Switch controllble devices, such as switch boxes and lights, or set the target temperature of a thermostat.
  • device-configurator: Configuration of low level drivers and resource view.
  • drs485de-console: console application to configure and control the drs485de-driver.
  • framework-administration: Integral part of the OGEMA 2.0 reference implementation. Provides a GUI for administrative purposes to the framework administrator.
  • framework-gui: The framework-gui is an integral part of the OGEMA 2.0 reference implementation, and provides the central start page for users.
  • graph-generator: Creating textual representation of parts of the resource graph for use by other graphing software.
  • Grafana logging: GUI for recorded data and schedules.
  • room-climate-station: OGEMA demo application that reads in a variety of sensor data from rooms and gives feedback to the user when to open/close windows.
  • sensor-alarm-executor: Automatically triggers an OnOffSwitch if a sensor exceeds the alarm limits.
  • simulated-freezer: Example application of a simple simulated device - a freezer.


See also List of supported devices.

High-level drivers and integrated Drivers
  • channel-mapper: A generic high-level driver that can be used with a variety of low-level drivers.
  • drs485de-driver: Modbus-RTU High-Level driver for the DRS485DE meter.
  • Homematic HL: see Low-Level driver below (version for the Homematic USB stick, which is no longer commercially available)
  • Homematic XML-RPC high level driver: Homematic high level driver for use with the Homematic XML-RPC low level driver, see below.
  • knx-driver: Integrated high-level plus low-level driver for KNX via LAN.
  • OpenWeatherMap connector: Imports weather forecasts from
  • Remote REST connector: connects to another OGEMA gateway via its REST interface
  • ZWave HL: see Low-Level driver below
Low-level Drivers


  • logging-app: GUI application that allows to configure resources for automatic logging.
  • memory-timeseries: Implementations for TimeSeries as Java object.
  • Pattern debugger: A graphical tool targeted at the developer, that lists all satisfied and incomplete pattern matches for an application.
  • resource-combiner: Automatic referencing of resources based on paths defined in a configuration file. Demonstration of a generic utility application.
  • resource-manipulators: Allows persistently setting up resource manipulation rules.
  • REST tool: a debugging tool for the REST interface. See Using the OGEMA REST Interface, as well as Remote REST connector for a driver that connects two OGEMA gateways via the REST interface.
  • ogema-io node for node-red: Input and output nodes to access the OGEMA 2.0 resource graph.

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